We’ve been asking our two FM Women speakers to share a little bit of their story with you ahead of the event in January.

This week, we spoke to Judith. Judith is an active member in her community, helping to run the excellent INspirED Stockport group.

Our staff visited the group earlier this year, click here to read more.

FM: What attracted you to Forever Manchester and FM Women?

JM: We were recommended to apply to Forever Manchester for our first ever funding. We really didn’t have much clue at that stage about any aspect of funding. To hear a friendly, local voice at the end of the phone was great; we were never made to feel our questions were too naïve. From that first call everything we have done since has flowed really. This will be my first encounter with FM Women, but I have to say the timing and frequency of events is just about perfect for fitting in around our daily work in local communities.

FM: What do you love about Manchester?

JM: It may be a cliché but it’s the people- helpful, friendly, open, warm and so willing to share ideas and offer support.

FM: What’s one thing you’ve struggled with/has surprised you/you’ve enjoyed the most along your journey with INspirED?

JM: Tina (my Co-Director) and I have had to re-invent ourselves, for example try to develop skills in business – financial, marketing, etc. – alongside piloting new and different courses from the type we used to teach when working for an LEA. It has been very frustrating at times and we have shared many midnight phone calls to keep on top of things.
The initial surprise came in the volume of need we discovered – far more and deeper than we could ever have imagined. Oh, and the sheer physicality of transporting all our equipment from place to place. The transformation in our volunteers (former course members) has been a thrill and their friendship and support has carried us at times.
Two things stand out for enjoyment 1. The challenge 2. The learner comments, easily missed, that make it all worthwhile.

FM: What’s strong and good in your community at the moment?

JM: Everywhere we go, and despite cuts, there is a strong ongoing commitment from partners, local charities and individuals to continue to help people develop resilience and cope better with their situation.

Thanks Judith, we can’t wait to hear your full story in January!

If you’d like to join us at our hugely successful FM Women event on 27th January, tickets are just £20 which includes a welcome drink and canapes. To purchase tickets use the Eventbrite form below. To learn more about our Forever Manchester Women event, click here.

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