Over 140 people a day have been taking advantage of summer breakfast clubs in Oldham and Trafford thanks to Forever Manchester’s Community Builders and funding from Kellogg’s.

We’ve worked in partnership with Kellogg’s since 2005, providing both strategic and administrative support on its charitable giving projects. One of their initiatives is ‘Give a Child a Breakfast’ where we assist in successfully delivering funding to breakfast clubs in schools to ensure that all children get healthy breakfast.

But what happens when school’s out for the summer?

Having secured additional funding from Kellogg’s, our Community Building Team worked closely with Alt Community Challenge Team (Oldham) and M32 (Trafford) to offer breakfast everyday throughout the summer holidays to anyone in the local community (not just children).

Not only did we ensure that people ate the most important meal of the day, we helped to bring the local community together. The breakfast clubs provided an opportunity for people to meet with fellow residents, build relationships and get involved with a range of activities.

One parent in Oldham said “This is the best thing to happen on the estate, this is exactly what we’ve always needed.”

In Trafford, M32 enlisted help from a fitness instructor, craft teachers, French teachers, performing arts workshop leaders and a whole host of talent from the neighbourhood to run fun and exciting activities. They also linked up with a local food bank to secure more food.

Kate Prince from Kellogg’s and Forever Manchester Chief Exec Nick Massey went down to see what was happening in Stretford and were blown away by it. Nick said “Forever Manchester’s job is to help local people do extraordinary things, so it was great to see so many people giving up their time, connecting the community, making it an even better place to live and having loads of fun at the same time.”