The Great Manchester 10k is taking place on Sunday 10th May and we’re challenging our Corporate Supporters to a fundraise-off.

The company that raises the most money will win Captain Manchester’s Cool Runnings Award. This will be a trophy for your company to have as a shrine to commemorate your achievements, and brag to all of the other businesses too, of course!

Now the most successful 10k outside of London, the race is getting bigger and better and we’re making it more competitive for you with the added bonus of winning a trophy alongside the shiny medal you get at the finish line.

The company that has raised the most money by a week after the event (Monday 18th May) will be awarded with Captain Manchester’s Cool Runnings Award.

The Captain will come into your business and award it to your runners in person.

We have charity places available to you, where you will pay £25 instead of £35. With this £25 place you are committing to raising £150 for Forever Manchester.

To sign up head to our event page.