We’re happy to host the third guest feature from Forever Manchester supporters, VS Group, whose Managing Director Kevin Penman will be climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for us later this year. Keep up to date with his training on social media using the hashtag #KevinVSKilimanjaro, and of course donate to his climb for Forever Manchester via his JustGiving page.

When it comes to fundraising for good causes, there are so many options, it can be quite overwhelming. Here at VS Group we are sharing 10 awesome, adventurous fundraising ideas for the brave and the bold, to you get inspired.


Doing a skydive is not only an incredible adrenaline-fuelled experience but it’s also a highly brave thing to do on behalf of a charity… jumping off a plane takes guts! There are many airfields across the UK that offer charity skydives, however you may well want to do one abroad too. Get your friends, family and colleagues behind you to support your fundraising efforts and cheer you on.

Mountain Climb

Climbing a mountain is a big achievement, regardless of its size. Across the world there are a range of mountains of varying scale, that suit different abilities. If you are looking for something intermediate and don’t want to leave the country, the Lake District or the Peak District are both great options, with a selection of medium-sized mountains to climb. You could also consider doing the Three Peaks Challenge, if you are feeling especially adventurous.

Alternatively, if you are looking to scale a mountain overseas for your fundraising stunt, then Kilimanjaro or Everest are amongst the ultimate challenges.

Top tip: Be sure to do your research before your climb and ensure that you have the right kit and carry out the necessary training.

Sponsored Run

Whether it is a 5K, 10K, 20K, half marathon or full marathon… or any other distance for that matter, doing a run for charity is a great way to raise money whilst pushing yourself to new limits. Runs are a demanding endeavour to embark on, which can really demonstrate the level of commitment and determination that you possess for the charity you are raising money for.

Top tip: You will likely need to train for your run, and one of the best and most effective ways to do so is to train in a group or with a running partner so that you can all support and motivate each other along the training process.


Doing a swimming challenge is a fun way to raise money for charity and you can keep fit in the process, which is a win-win! You can participate in a swimming challenge to suit your ability, be it a channel crossing for those who are at athlete-level fitness, to a set number of laps at your local swimming pool.

Top tip: It is important to take time to train for your charity swim. You want to feel confident and competent on the day, not to mention fit enough – most importantly for safety reasons.  

Dive with Sharks

Diving with sharks is a fundraising idea that’s not for the faint-hearted. You don’t necessarily need to venture abroad for this stunt, as many UK aquariums offer the chance to swim with their sharks.

Top tip: Be sure to capture some photos (or even videos) of your terrifying experience for the entertainment (or amusement) of your donors, friends, family and all who contributed to your fundraising efforts… not to mention to prove that you did actually go through with it!


There are many destinations in which you can carry out an an abseil. Charity Abseils is a great online resource that provides more information about locations and opportunities. From buildings to cliffs, it is possible to abseil down a whole host of tall things… just remember not to look down!

Top tip: Learn from a pro before embarking on your abseil. Make sure that you get in some practice and spend some time with an abseiling instructor who can ‘show you the ropes’ to ensure that all runs safely and smoothly.

Bungee Jump

A bungee jump is like an intense few seconds of sheer terror, followed by an overwhelming feeling of achievement that will make it all well worth it. You’ll have some amazing photos to show for it too, which you can share with all of those kind enough to donate.

The UK Bungee Club is a great online resource where you can search for opportunities to do a bungee jump near you, with sites across the UK and lots of experience with dealing with charity jumps. You can get photos and videos of your jump to share too.

Top tip: Try not to overthink ahead of your jump as you might change your mind at the last minute. Instead, clear your mind and take a deep breath and, most of all, enjoy it and know that you are doing good!

Cold Plunge

Prepare yourself to get cold and wet with a charity plunge! Where and how you choose to do your cold plunge is up to you, although a popular option is to do it in the shallows of the sea. Even the likes of celebrities such as Lady Gaga have taken part in a cold plunge for charity. You could even do it in your bath/shower and film it, or get one of your friends to throw a bucket of cold water over your head… the choice is yours.

Top tip: Practice exposing your body to colder temperatures, perhaps by taking a quick cold shower, so that you have a better idea of what to expect and your body can get used to it. Of course, stay safe and don’t expose yourself to cold for anywhere near what is an unhealthy length of time.


A charity walk is a great fundraising option, in which all abilities can participate in. There are a whole host of charity-organised walks that you can get involved with – all you need to do is register in order to put yourself forward to participate. You and your friends or colleagues can all sign up and get involved together and help to motivate one another.

Top tip: Dress the part and proudly don your charity of choice’s colours to help to raise awareness, as well as money. The bolder the better!

Bike Ride

Get on your bike and raise money for charity in the process, with a charity cycle. You can choose a popular route and round up your friends, family and colleagues to come along with you. There’s a whole range of organised cycle events across the UK to get involved with.

Top tip: Don’t forget to set up an online crowdfunding page for your fundraising efforts so that you can keep track of how much you have raised as well as show others your progress and encourage them to donate too.


We hope that we’ve managed to whet your appetite for some adventure in the name of good causes. Don’t forget to always take the necessary safety precautions and seek expert advice, as well as see a medical professional where necessary. Also, it is advisable to self-fund your fundraising adventure, to ensure that the maximum amount of funds go directly to good causes.