Women Integration Project Organisation, based in Moston, aims to empower women to take control of their lives, particularly those experiencing language and cultural barriers and domestic violence. They provide training and education to build up employability skills, improve condition of life and facilitate the process of integration.

The organisation strives to improve the lives of local women, helping them to build confidence, skills and independence. Many women in the local area are refugees or asylum seekers, so the group aims to get these women integrated into their local community and wider society through educational programmes, health workshops and welfare advice.

With funding from Forever Manchester, the Women Integration Project Organisation has been able to host a tailoring training course, which will equip women with new skills, encourage entrepreneurship and provide weekly support.

Since 2011, the organisation has ran their activities from the local church, free of charge. The free premises have been provided by the Methodist Church, and have sufficient space, tables and chairs to accommodate the group. They also have space to accommodate all of the equipment, including the sewing machines for the new project.

Learning new skills will increase confidence in women who otherwise have a low self-esteem massively. These sessions will also help the women to make new friends and integrate into their local community and with other activities in their local church.

Although this group doesn’t directly address the issues surrounding domestic violence, by helping individuals who have or are victim to it by teaching them new skills and helping them to make new connections, their wellbeing is improved massively. Sometimes just connecting with someone going through the same thing reduces the isolation people often feel when going through issues surrounding domestic violence.