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    Our radio show is live on @LDOKRadio NOW. Tune in and listen to Terry and Dave Manc it up
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    Trick or treat? Don't forget - our Halloween Ball tickets are now on sale, and they won't be around for long
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    Are you in the mood for dancing? There's an 80s night at Duke's 92 this weekend, raising money for Forever Manchester
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What is a Community Foundation?

Community foundations are charities located across the UK dedicated to strengthening local communities, creating opportunities and tackling issues of disadvantage and exclusion.

They do this by matching donations to community groups and local people who are passionate about making a difference.

There are 55 community foundations across the UK. Forever Manchester is the community foundation for Greater Manchester and supports all ten boroughs of our region: Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan.

Forever Manchester has strong connections within our local communities. Our Neighbourhood Works community building initiative enables us to form strong connections with local communities, build on the skills and talents of local people and create essential grassroots knowledge, which sets us apart from other community foundations.

Manchester's Own Friendly, Local Do-Gooder


Community Foundations...

Match gifts and awards with talents and skills to make a genuine difference to the lives of local people

Manage funds donated by individuals and organisations

Build endowment and act as the vital link between donors and local needs

Pride themselves on having first-hand local knowledge and strong links with communities which help to successfully bring about change in local neighbourhoods

Offer a wide range of support to small community groups to help bring people together and facilitate positive change