Charity the Mancunian Way


Greater Manchester is unique - if you were born here, ever lived here, were educated here, worked here or just came to party and stayed, you'll know what we mean.

This is the place where the atom was split, the Industrial Revolution was born, the Co-operative Movement started, and the first programmable computer and vegetarianism was invented. It's the home of Oasis, Elbow, the Smiths, the Hacienda and the Warehouse Project. Manchester is brimming with talent - a place where anybody with an idea can change the world.

Years of regeneration have changed the face of modern Manchester, giving us world class sporting venues, a rejuvenated city centre and the fantastic development of Media City. At the other end of the spectrum, in many of our local neighbourhoods, unfortunately little has changed. 

We can easily think of negative images of deriliect buildings, unemployment, crime, violence and welfare dependency, but at Forever Manchester we think of the positives.

There have been many different approaches to tackling poverty and social exclusion, but we believe that instead of labelling people by their needs, we should focus on the skills, talents and assets of local people and encourage real empowerment within our neighbourhoods.

This is charity the Mancunian Way. Helping local people do extraordinary things together. Building communities from the inside out and encouraging the true, creative, entrepreneurial spirit of Greater Mancunians to emerge instead of waiting in vain for outside experts to fix things.

Key Achievements 2012/2013

£3.75 million
Awarded in gifts to 1,346 community groups and projects across Greater Manchester

151,988 people
Benefited directly from services or projects made possible by our funding

£7.4 million
Our Community Capital Fund (Endowment) stands at £7.4 million


3,500 unique visitors
Per month visit the Forever Manchester website


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CFN Quality Accredited
We hold the Foundation Network accreditation to standards endorsed by the Charity Commission