This is the Place

November 29, 2016

From Offerton to Oldham, from Levenshulme to Little Lever from Sale to Saddleworth – in every neighbourhood across Greater Manchester thousands of people are involved in community activities.

In fact at any given time there are an unbelievable 20,000 grassroots local projects of varying sizes and interest taking place, each one providing support and opportunity for the 2.6 million population of Greater Manchester.

Whatever your passion – kids, older people, people with disabilities, sports teams or carers, luncheon clubs, cancer support, food banks, youth clubs – Forever Manchester is the only charity that funds and supports them all.

Through generous contributions from individuals and businesses, Forever Manchester strengthens communities and enriches local life by inspiring local people to do extraordinary things together.

We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to be happy and we’d love you to become part of this growing movement of local people who care enough to act.

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