Oasis for Carers provides exactly what it says on the tin, an “oasis” where carers can go and relax and have some much needed down time.

Carers are often “hidden heroes” in our communities. They work tirelessly, often for a loved one or close friend, sometimes with no rest. Based in Stockport, Oasis for carers supports and cares for those who care. They provide a safe, warm and comfortable place for carers to go and meet others and sit and chat to people in a similar situation to theirs.

The group is a massive help to carers in Stockport. One member, Diana, who has been attending for the last 18 months can’t speak higher of the benefits she has received from the group. This is Diana’s story…

“I am the carer for my parents who both have Alzheimer’s and serious physical health problems. Apart from the physical and emotional tiredness which this causes, there are additional stresses caused by trying to deal with a wide array of professionals, the frustration caused by paid carers who come late or sometimes not at all or who have failed to give a meal or medication as arranged, I have to run their home as well as my own.

“There have been many occasions when I have felt that I just cannot do it all any longer, that I have had enough. However, being able to go to Oasis every week, have time for me to be looked after, to relax and access peer support from other carers, has enabled me to re-charge my batteries and carry on. I regard the peer support and care offered by Oasis as vital for unpaid carers.

“If Oasis did not exist, I think there would be other carers who would just give up and those they care for would be in residential or nursing care placing an additional cost on the local authority or NHS. Oasis improves the wellbeing and mental health of carers and without it there could easily be the additional cost to the NHS providing medication or counselling to burnt out carers.

“Oasis is a unique and excellent resource for unpaid carers and well deserving of financial support from the local authority. It is well attended and has made a real difference to the lives of other carers as well as myself, enabling us to carry on caring.”