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Lostock Community Gets Green Fingered with New Allotment


Residents of Lostock are being invited to get involved in a new community allotment thanks to the work of two local men and a gift from Forever Manchester.

James Hampson, Forever Manchester’s Community Builder for Lostock, rallied up “grow your own” spirit at a Neighbourhood Works meeting in May after hearing that Lostock College had a disused allotment space, which had previously been run by Groundwork.

Two keen gardeners, George Duckett and John Barnes, negotiated access to the space and, with a gift of £250 from Forever Manchester and help from the Community Payback team, they have cleared the 1.5 acre area, fixed a polytunnel and are planning to build a greenhouse to transform the area into a vibrant and healthy space for gardening, physical activity and social interaction.

James Hampson comments, “Our Neighbourhood Works activity is all about encouraging local people to present their own ideas for things they can do in their community using their own skills and assets. The allotment activity is the perfect example of this. We are delighted to be able to help.”

Lostock residents hope that the allotment will help local people to learn new skills, improve nutrition and sustainability, and promote friendships between older and younger residents as they come together to work on the plot throughout the year.

After the grand opening in spring, locals will be invited to look after their own plot with support and assistance available from George, John and any other green fingered residents who’d like to get involved.

If you’d like to find out more about the allotment, contact James Hampson on

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