Marple Allotment Association

September 15, 2016

Marple Allotment Association provide a space for people to enjoy gardening together while sharing and learning new skills, improving health and wellbeing.

Forever Manchester has a long history of supporting the group to reach and connect with even more people.

Most recently the group received funds from The Stockport Fund to make their sites more disability-friendly  installing raised planting beds, hand rails and decent paving – meaning more people can access the sites. The group also ran 10 workshops that allowed their members to share their skills and knowledge with others in the local area, especially older people who can be isolated due to poor health.


The group said: “Many (older people) were keen gardeners, but advancing years has reduced their ability to manage a large garden. With some support from the Association, they can begin to grow small-scale crops on patios and balconies, in items ranging from old dressing tables to toilet pans. They can then use the produce to create simple tasty and nourishing meals themselves, giving them back some independence.

“Guerrilla gardening has awakened an interest in growing edibles in small and unused spaces, and the Association wants to show people how simple items can be recycled into growing pots/planters and nourishing meals can be created from fresh home-grown vegetables.”

Marple Allotment Association have made a great impact to the local area and show that using local skills, gifts and talents can have a big impact.

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