Listen Again: Kathleen O’Connor on the Radio

June 19, 2015

Our weekly radio show with Terry Snowden is live on LDOK Radio every Wednesday 2-4pm

This week, Terry was joined by Ambassador and organiser of tomorrow’s Chop Beats event, Kathleen O’Connor.

If you’d like to listen to what Terry and Kathleen were chatting about, click on the player below:

If you’d like to listen to our radio show, we’re live every Wednesday on 2-4pm.

The show is also played again on the same station on Thursday evening, 7-9pm and Sunday afternoons 2-4pm.

Terry does a weekly round up of all the goings on at FM HQ and is often joined by a guest relating to Forever Manchester.

Filled with top Manc tunes and Terry’s wit and charm, what more do you want in the office on a Wednesday afternoon? Don’t miss it!

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