International Youth Day

August 12, 2015

Wednesday 12th August is International Youth Day.

Ramsbottom Young People’s Project based in Bury focuses on the areas of Ramsbottom where there is seen to be the most anti-social behaviour.

Ramsbottom Young Peoples Project was founded in response to the large number of 13-16 year olds in the Ward, and the increasing lack of activities for them.

A small group of very committed residents began meeting to form the project with the support of Bury Third Sector Development Agency and finally constituted the project as an Unincorporated Association

The group formed to provide opportunities for Ramsbottom’s young people and to support and develop future youth initiatives. To network and connect with local youths the group held a Battle of the Bands competition, which gave 14-year-old Harrison Jones the confidence he needed to enter a competition, which he went on to win.

Harrison sang in front of thousands of people at the Manchester Arena as part of the opening ceremony of the Sainsbury’s School Games. Harrison said: “Performing in front of thousands of people was very exciting but also a little nerve wracking.

“I made the most of the summer holidays and put in hours of practice so I was really looking forward to performing on a stage that has played some of the world’s biggest stars.”

Ramsbottom Young People’s Project has recognised that there wasn’t much to do for young people in the area and one parent said: “Thank you for providing a fabulous, free event for our children. This is just what Ramsbottom needed.”

The project funded by Forever Manchester was based on a ‘community asset’ model using residents who have professional or personal skills that are utilised elsewhere in their employment, but are not being used in their own community voluntarily.

This includes:
• Project planning
• Technical & creative skills
• Communications
• Enthusiasm & Passion for the work
• Being able to engage others
• Professional knowledge (e.g. Risk, H 7 S, safeguarding)

The project also engaged local residents and enabled local people to get work experience from volunteering skills in the community and youth work to complement their college or vocational courses.

The project and the event also engaged with a lot of young people who otherwise hung around on the two local estates.

If you’d like to help Forever Manchester to fund more groups like this DONATE TODAY to make a real difference in your area.

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