Based in Salford, Incredible Edible aims to turn the city into a giant vegetable patch for communities to use and enjoy.

The project hopes to encourage residents in the Salford area to eat a healthier diet for free. The group helps in excess of 100 people per week in the area, and we have recently funded the project to help them to continue with their great work for both the environment and the community’s well-being.

A member of the group said: “I am passionate about community transformation. I also love being outdoors as it brings me a sense of personal wellbeing. I also love the mixture of sometimes working alone, and at other times being part of a group. I love my hometown of Eccles and being involved in my local community and encouraging others to be involved in making a difference. I also quite like eating fruit and vegetables!”

Attendees get different things from the group: for some it’s all about care for the environment and the planet, and making a difference at local level; for others a sense of health & well-being, as they work in the open air planting, it gives other individuals a sense of belonging to a community vs isolation and for others it’s an opportunity to learn about growing fruit & vegetables and gaining experience.

Individuals taking part have enjoyed giving something to their community, giving back, and having a sense of pride in their local community and wanting to make it a better place.