Former Forces Support, a Social Enterprise based in Manchester was established by ex-forces personnel for ex-forces personnel and their families who may be unemployed or unable to get employment in the North West.

Former Forces Support engages with members of the ex-force’s community, aiming to support them in adapting to and existing within society. The group works to help unemployed ex-service members to build the skills necessary to have the confidence and coping strategies to enter the workforce.

The group is currently running a series of courses, supported by Forever Manchester, which offer a holistic approach to ex-service personnel in the Manchester area. Some of whom are suffering from substance misuse issues and/or mental health issues. The aim is to give individuals the confidence and motivation to become a functioning member of their local community.

Former Forces Support is about harnessing every opportunity to promote healthier lifestyles, wellbeing, overcome barriers and change attitudes and behaviours for health and a happier life.