Fellow Mancs, the city-dwelling Mancs, the Greater Mancs, the adopted Mancs. Wherever you are from, whatever brought you here, you are part of the special stuff that makes Greater Manchester glorious.

We want to truly celebrate what it is to be from round ‘ere. We can’t do that in a day, so to get our special magic out there we’ve made a huge compromise and settled for one week in sunny June.


We’re delighted to announce FOREVER MANCHESTER WEEK taking place between Friday 10th-17th June.

One week of manc-styled fundraising to celebrate and support community activity across Greater Manchester.

Forever Manchester Week provides a fantastic opportunity for people across Greater Manchester to get involved, come together and raise a fat pile of cash for the communities we all love, and where we live, work and play.

We are inviting businesses, schools, community groups and individuals to create an amazing week of fundraising mayhem and request that you are as ‘daft, Manc and creative and you damn well like’.

Nick Massey, Chief Executive for Forever Manchester, explains

“At Forever Manchester everything we do is because we love the city and its surrounding towns and cities, so the obvious next step in our campaign to make Greater Manchester a better place was to create a focal point for our work, celebrating all things Manchester whilst raising a bucket load of money at the same time.

“Tony Wilson was right – we do do things differently here and we can’t wait to see the weird and wonderful ideas Mancunians come up with to help us. We are already overwhelmed by the response Forever Manchester Week has received and thank our famous friends for showing their support of this important announcement. We hope to see many more people get involved over the coming months making this a week to remember.”


So whether you want to sit in a bath of Vimto, host a ‘Manchester’s Got Talent Day’, a ‘Manc Walk around the office’, a Manchester related Food and Drink Day, a Manchester related Quiz, or organise a street party, all you need to do is to head to www.forevermanchesterweek.com now to find out more about Forever Manchester Week and download your fundraising pack.

Click on the image below to go to www.forevermanchesterweek.com


The fundraising pack can be downloaded from the ‘Get Involved’ section on the forevermanchesterweek.com website. There’s also an option to download the official Forever Manchester Week logo for you to use as part of your promotions.

Once you’ve decided on your fundraising idea, make sure you register your event/activity with us on the ‘Register Event’ section of the website. We’ll take the information that you have provided and list your activity on the website. We’ll then do all we can to help you promote your activity to a wider audience.

If you’re using twitter to promote your activity, please make sure you use #FMWeek16 so we can retweet what you’re doing.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Email us at FMWeek@forevermanchester.com or ring us on 0161 214 0940.

Thanks for getting involved and helping us to raise lots of money to support fantastic community projects across Greater Manchester.