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    Trick or treat? Don't forget - our Halloween Ball tickets are now on sale, and they won't be around for long
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    Are you in the mood for dancing? There's an 80s night at Duke's 92 this weekend, raising money for Forever Manchester
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Peter Hook and The Light Concerts


Forever Manchester are pleased to be the charity beneficiary of Peter Hook And the Light’s debut performance of the first two New Order albums, “Movement” and “Power Corruption And Lies.” The unique, inaugural concerts will take place in January 2013, the first at the legendary Koko in London and the second will be a distinctive and special event, taking place at Manchester Cathedral.

Support at both concerts comes from Manchester-based Modern Blonde, comprising Adam and Tom Greenhalgh alongside Ben Silver.

Peter Hook supports Forever Manchester and advocates the spirit of giving something back to our local communities. Check out his thoughts on “doing charity the Mancunian way” on our Youtube page.

Thursday 17th January 2013           Friday 18th January 2013

Koko, Camden, London                      Manchester Cathedral

Book Tickets :    Book Tickets :                          24 Hour Booking: 0845 413 4444

24 Hour Booking: 0844 477 1000

***Peter Hook is also signing copies of his new frank and honest book, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, at HMV, Manchester on Monday 1st October and in other cities nationwide.

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