Convergys Raise Over £400 on St Patrick’s Day

March 28, 2017

Those guys at Convergys’ Pear Mill, Stockport site are at it again! Coming up with amazing ideas to raise money for Forever Manchester!




Convergys (4)


From dressing up as leprechauns to shaving heads, cutting off pony tails and baking green cakes, the guys took to the task with their usual positive energy and raised an amazing £444 which we can use to help improve our local communities.

And that’s not all. Last Friday they held a cake baking competition and bake sale, with some really fancy cakes baked by Convergys’ own staff. Two of their male colleagues came to work in drag while others were having their legs waxed. We can’t wait to see how much they raised from Friday’s activity.

All in all, we’re always surprised, impressed and very grateful for the creative way that the folks at Convergys really get stuck in – it’s charity the Mancunian way and we love it!