In March, we funded many groups including Capoeira Conviver, based in the Levenshulme and Longsight areas of Manchester.

Capoeira is a Brazilian dance/martial art.

Capoeira Conviver teaches regular classes and holds community performances. The great thing about this group is the ability to include the whole family, as individuals of all ages take part in getting fit, playing percussion, learning Portugese and learning all about Brazil.

The group aims to teach new skills, promote community members connecting through getting fit through the art and improve self-esteem.

To promote themselves, Capoeria Conviver has participated in a number of voluntary family days at Levinspire in Levenshulme, including local fairs in order to attract people to their art.

With the award from Forever Manchester, the group now aims to be able to increase their membership, continue to hold classes and hold a grading ceremony for their students.

The award from Forever Manchester also enabled the group to create a website for their members to visit, but also to attract new members to it. They hope this will be a great communication tool for them to reach a wide audience, which is often the case with groups with a presence online.

The group has a great, wide-range of members who have great things to say about it including:

“I trained in Capoeira in the past and was worried about coming back after having a baby. Capoeira Conviver is really family friendly and so I’m able to bring my two small children when I want to train. The group is really welcoming and the physical exercise has helped me to get back into shape after pregnancy. The kids love the music and taking part, and Master Valdir who runs the classes is a great teacher and knows how to get the children involved. It gets me out of the house and is an important part of my life. We had a Secret Santa at Christmas and the children were thrilled to be involved.  Capoeira teaches you so many things including fitness, music, culture and history.”

It’s great to see groups getting the whole family involved like Capoeira Conviver. Their website isn’t set up yet, but keep an eye on their Facebook page to see the great things they have continued to do thanks to our funding.

If you’ve been part of a group like this and would like to help us to fund more DONATE HERE today.