A Brew with So Beautiful Events’ Susie Bell

December 22, 2015

So Beautiful Events’ Director is Forever Manchester Ambassador, Susie Bell.

Susie is heavily involved in our Birthday Bash planning and helps us greatly.

Each month we have a chat with our Corporate Partners and ask them what makes them passionate about Forever Manchester.

Here’s what Susie said when we had a brew with her this month…

  1. What do you guys do?

So Beautiful provide design, production and management services to a range of different events across the North West.

  1. What do you love about Manchester?

Manchester is a large, exciting city with a small community feel, and it’s home!

  1. What made you support Forever Manchester?

I was introduced to Emma James [Forever Manchester’s PR Consultant] via a mutual friend and she told me about the charity and the variety of groups it supports across Greater Manchester. I was impressed by the focus on helping people to help themselves.

  1. Favourite Manchester memory?

My Dad took me to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United when I was little. We won the game and were so excited to talk about it afterwards that we walked about a mile past where we’d parked. We ended up getting a lift back to the car park by a friendly cop in the back of his police van – good fun!

  1. One word to describe Manchester?


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