Bury Clarion Cycling Club meet twice weekly to ride, not only for fitness but also to meet new friends and have fun over their common interest of cycling.

Bury Clarion who have been promoting cycling for over 100 years, addresses the needs of society and the serious disadvantage of obesity. This positive change is not only about obesity it’s about general wellbeing, as cyclists generally enjoy better health than people in general enjoy.

The group is ran by adults who have a passion for cycling and want to pass this on to young people. The group believes that cycling has a huge potential to prevent obesity as well as city congestion and pollution, which is why they feel their project is so important.

Bury Clarion Cycling Club said: “To be involved in cycling is a wonderful thing for a young person. So many these days are tied to their computers or are becoming involved in less healthy pursuits. Decades ago cycling clubs were predominantly young people in their teens and early twenties now the age profile has shifted to people approaching 40 and the succeeding decades.”

The club is trying to act on this, and get more young people involved in cycling. It’s ran by people who have a real love and a real passion for cycling, which they are hoping will reflect on the young people who attend the group.

As well as helping general wellbeing, attendees can make friends and get to know people in their area, which is important for young people for them to progress in life socially. Making friends can improve a young person’s day to day life. Having someone to talk to of a similar age with similar interests is something very important for a child growing up, which is what Bury Clarion Cycling Club aims to help.