We recently funded Baggy Trousers, a not for profit organisation raising awareness for testicular cancer.

Baggy Trousers are a community group based in Tameside set up by Jack Broadley, who has suffered with and been through the traumatic treatment of testicular cancer.

His friend, Tom Wilson, has also joined the Baggy Trousers cause to raise awareness of the condition to young men who wouldn’t usually believe they have an illness as serious as testicular cancer.

Jack (22) and Tom (26) both met while receiving treatment at The Christie hospital in Manchester. The group was founded in May 2014 after both men were placed into remission and we have funded them to fund the beginning of their workshops that they hope to deliver to young boys in schools and colleges among other places.

Jack and Tom’s mission is to teach men both young and old how to look after themselves and inform them of some of the symptoms and demonstrate how to check themselves in the correct way. They also give advice to men on what to do if there is unfortunately any abnormality in the testicle.

Jack is also in the process of making a documentary of his journey with testicular cancer, which he hopes will encourage young men to take it upon themselves to check and more importantly seek advice sooner rather than later.

Jack and Tom set up the organisation to allow young men to feel comfortable to approach them if they are unsure. Their slogan “be a lad and check your nads” highlights the light hearted but serious approach the two men have to this cause. They hope to encourage people to find an issue early and seek medical advice so they can fight it as the two of them have.

The organisation also plan to support cancer patients that are struggling financially to ensure they have the easiest experience they can with no other worries.

22-year-old Jack said: “I really wouldn’t want anyone to experience what I’ve had to. We’re just two survivors raising awareness of a disease that nearly took our lives.”

Corporate Partners, Harrington Brooks are also supporting the organisation’s cause via Forever Manchester by growing moustaches throughout November. Movember was created to raise awareness of testicular cancer, meaning the money raised will benefit Baggy Trousers’ cause further.